Fired Up the Frosty Way! Show your support with Ice Cream!

By: Sara Bruesewitz 

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Trace and the ice cream (2)

Trace with his “Maple Macadamia Mash Up” Ice Cream!

As you may have seen on last night’s Celebrity Apprentice, Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet member Trace Adkins is one of the two final contestants in the competition. As part of the show’s final challenge, Trace has developed a custom ice cream flavor for Walgreens “Good and Delish” ice cream brand.

ice cream_trace adkinsIf Trace’s flavor is the top seller this week, he’ll win an extra $100,000 for the Red Cross and disaster victims around the nation. That’s 10,000 meals for disaster victims or 20,000 blankets for people who stay in our shelters. Usually you don’t have to ask me twice to buy ice cream, but this time there was not a single second of hesitation!

Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to join in on the conversation to show Trace you support him on his mission to raise funds for American Red Cross disaster relief! It’s the last week of the show, let’s push Trace over the top with a big win for the Red Cross. Show your support by buying Trace’s Maple Macadamia Mash Up and then share your ice cream photos to show just how fun and tasty helping the Red Cross can be!



Are you as fired up as we are? Run out to your nearest Walgreens and help Trace Adkins win Celebrity Apprentice for the American Red Cross! Mallory Markham, our special events coordinator purchased a pint today & we have got to say – it is delish!


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