Summer…is that you?

With some gloomy days behind us, it’s difficult to believe that we are officially in Summer today. Looking forward, in the Milwaukee area, the tempurature is going to be hot, hot, HOT! (minus the chance of isolated storms)


Please keep some tips in mind & download the Red Cross First Aid App for more!

  • Water! It’s very important to stay well hydrated, especially if you work outside.  It helps to keep your body cool and working properly.
  • Take it easy. Take breaks from physical labor when working outside and try to only work during the coolest part of the day which is typically from 4am to 7am.
  • Dress for the heat. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing (light colors reflect away some of the sun’s energy) and plenty of sunscreen.
  • Take care of your furry friends. Make sure your pet has access to shade, a constant source of water and NEVER leave them in a parked car.
  • Know the signs of heat stroke. Signals of heat stroke include hot, red, and usually dry skin, changes in consciousness, rapid, weak pulse and rapid, shallow breathing. If you or someone you know experience symptoms, call 911 or your local EMS number. Move the person to a cooler place. Quickly cool the body by wrapping wet sheets around the body and fan it.


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