Giving People are All Around Us


Recently, the Milwaukee office hosted a blood drive to help with the constant need for blood donations…

By Patty Flowers, Regional Chief Executive Officer

Midwesterners are great people because they always answer to a need whenever they see one.  When the damaging tornadoes hit Oklahoma and St. Louis recently, people went out of their way to help.  It fills my heart to see this and I want to thank everyone who helped in any way – here are a few things that I noticed lately and would love to share:

Our Red Cross workers are tirelessly helping those who face their own disaster after a house fire.  This past weekend, Bob Wade, one of our long time Disaster Action Team workers was out of bed in the wee hours on Sunday morning helping those affected by three separate fires.  And then he went to work at Rockwell Automation on Sunday morning!  That is dedication.  Thank you, Bob, and all our other Lene_6.11.13Red Cross workers who bring a shoulder to lean on and a promise that things will get better – we are all humbled by your willingness to serve.

At a recent blood drive, I had a chance to donate blood myself but I also took delight in watching Lene (pronounced Lane-a), an intern with the Red Cross, donating blood for the first time in 7 years.  Lene was so excited because she qualified to do a double donation which separates the plasma from the red blood cells and takes about twice the time of a regular donation.  I’ve never seen anyone so happy to give back!  Thank you Lene, you are giving the Red Cross more than you thought during your time with us and we appreciate you!

I also had a chance to hold an adorable 5 month old baby visiting the blood drive with his mommy.  While mommy donated blood, I got my baby fix!  Gabriel loved everything about the blood drive so I think we’ve got one of our earliest supporters!


These are just a few of the wonderful, giving people who do whatever they can to partner with the Red Cross to help those in need.  Thank you for sharing your time, your hard earned dollars, and your talents with us.  We would never be able to give all the services that we do without caring, generous people who surround us.


The American Red Cross is counting on volunteer donors to spark the nation’s blood supply. The need for blood is constant, especially around the summer holidays, when eligible donors have even less time in their busy schedules to give.

As part of the Summer of Stories campaign to increase donations when they historically drop, all presenting donors July 1-15 could win one of five $3,000 American Express gift cards. Donors are also encouraged to visit to share their summer blood donation stories and watch videos of individuals whose lives were touched by donors. To learn more and make an appointment to donate blood, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS.

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